Dear tourists, welcome to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and also the largest city of our dog-friendly country! Did you know that Slovenia is the most dog-friendly Euro­pean country? Among twenty countries that are considered dog-friendly, Slovenia took first place (before Czech Republic, Ukraine, France and Slovakia), since more than 50 % of Slovenian hotels offer pet accommoda­tions. This, along with a wide range of other dog-friendly restaurants, bars and sights, makes Slovenia, with its capital Ljubljana, the perfect place to visit with your four-legged friend.

To make your stay here even better, we have prepared a few tips for you and your dog on how you can spend your time here, without leaving your dear furry friend behind. We present you with a map of Ljubljana and a list of dog-friendly places that you can visit. The list includes dog-friendly hotels, restau­rants, bars, local parks and walking trails where you can take your dog, as well as pet shops and veterinary clinics. It also includes a list of taxi services that will accept you and your dog. No dog likes to be left alone in a hotel while the owner goes out for lunch or drinks – and there is no need to do that in Ljubljana. Dogs are welcome to a number of places where you can enjoy yourself without worry!

Take your dog along and discover Ljubljana with your best friend right by your side!

You can find our maps in all major hotels, dog-friendly restaurants and bars, pet stores, vet clinics, embassies and tourist-information centers, as well as right here, on this page.


You can download the map HERE.

We wish you and your four-legged companion a pleasant stay!