getting-around-ljubljanaWhen it comes to getting from point A to point B in Ljubljana, there are several ways that you can get around. The city’s centre is small, so everything is within walking distance. Your dog will certainly enjoy a walk through the paved streets. Whenever you decide to go somewhere outside the centre, you can either use the bus or taxi. Dogs are allowed on our city’s public transportation (except during the hours from 6:30 to 9:30, and from 13:00 to 17:00) free of charge, as long as they’re wearing a muzzle. You, however, will have to pay a fare of 1,20€ per ride (the price includes changing busses within 90 minutes), payable by a no-contact value card Urbana. You can buy the value card 24/7 at Urbanomats throughout the city. The Urbana card can also be used to pay for cable-car rides to the Ljubljana Castle and some parking fees across the city.

The buses arrive regularly throughout the day, but you can also call a taxi to take you to your desired location. However not all taxi services agree to transport pets.

Here is a list of taxi services that will gladly take you and your dog for a ride:

Taxi Intertours
00386 (0)31 311 311
Taxi Laguna
00386 (0)80 1233,
00386 (0)80 1117

Taxi Metro
00386 (0)41 240 200,
00386 (0)80 1190

Taxi Ljubljana
00386 (0)1 234 90 00

Taxi Rondo
00386 (0)80 900 900

Taxi Tima Ekspres
00386 (0)41 606 716,
00386 (0)40 253 669,
00386 (0)41 755 539

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