smarna-goraThe hike to the 667 m high mountain takes approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, depending on the path you choose. There are more than fourteen marked and relatively undemanding routes that you can take. On the peak of the mountain you can enjoy an extending view of the Kamnik-Savinjan and Julian Alps, as well as the whole city of Ljubljana. You can have a taste of Slovenian traditional food in the inn on the top, and take a look at the baroque church of the Madonna that was built in the 18th Century. The oldest attraction on Šmarna Gora is the plague column, which was built by the survivors of the battles against the Turks and the plague. The famous bell on the top is told to make the wishes of those who ring it come true. It is a great place to visit with your dog, since it offers many adventures. The other hikers are very friendly and their dogs well behaved.

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